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California is a leader in agriculture and many key crops are grown north of Sacramento in the "Far North" Region of the state. This area is known for almonds, table olives, olive oil, walnuts, peaches, tomatoes, strawberries, prunes, pomegranates and so much more. Specialty products including cheese, walnut products, grass fed beef and olive oil have also made a name for themselves. The Peak of the Valley Food & Education Expo works to showcase the amazing food products of the Far North. Two key organizations, Shasta College and Upstate California, came together with different ideas, but a similar goal: focus on the industry and help it grow.

Shasta College is known for its first rate Agriculture program and 90-acre working farm. Degrees offered through the Agriculture program include both Agricultural Business and Agriculture with a menu of specialties including Equine Science; Forest Science and Technology; Horticulture; Natural Resources; and Sustainable Agriculture Science. The college hopes to help students learn and employ their skills upon graduation and partner with the industry to support one of the region’s strongest career paths. Learn more at www.shastacollege.edu.

Thanks to a Sector Navigator Grant, Shasta College is able to focus attention on the food products industry through Peak of the Valley’s seven education workshops.

Upstate California Economic Development Council was founded in 1989. Today, it is supported by the pooled resources of 13 Northern California community-based economic development organizations as well as Go-BIZ, California Association of Local Economic Development, TeamCalifornia, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Wells Fargo Bank. Its board of directors is composed of professional economic development specialists from throughout the region. Upstate’s goal is to expose a global audience of business decision-makers to the profit-enhancing opportunities available in the 20 counties that top our golden state. Upstate California received a grant from PG&E to host the Peak of the Valley Expo to showcase regional food producers and connect them to buyers and key talent. To learn more, visit www.upstatecalifornia.com.

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